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watercolor classes by artist Sara Drescher
Watercolor Class-Sara Drescher instructor
Photo by Nina Noel


Watercolor Art Lessons for Adult Students(Teens welcome)

If you want to hear about openings in the future, please email me: sara (at)

June Session Tuesday Morning 10am-Noon— June 6, 20, 27th (No class June 13th) -$75 Meets at Arts Council Headquarters, 1506 W. Illinois

June Session Tuesday Evening 6-8pm– June 6, 20, 27th (No class June 13th) -$75 Meets at Arts Council Headquarters, 1506 W. Illinois

June Session Thursday Morning 10am-Noon— June 8,15,22,29 $100 Meets at Arts Council Headquarters, 1506 W. Illinois

All classes meet at the Arts Council of Midland building on Illinois street just west of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church on Illinois and “H” street.  (1506 W. Illinois) Park in what looks like the church parking lot next to the grey house that is ACS headquarters.  The classroom is in the converted garage, so come in through the opening in the backyard fence.  You will walk past the main house and towards the walkway between the house and workshop/garage area.  I will have a sign and/or the door will be open for you.  You will see a pottery studio and then our classroom.  For evening classes, please come around the front of the Arts Council house towards the garage where the classes are held.  The fence gates are locked at night.

art-from parking lot  art-from fence

Here is how my classes work:
You must pay in full at the beginning of the session.  If you miss a class, you are welcome to make it up during one of the other class times I offer(that make, of course).  If I miss a class due to sickness or family emergency, I will hold a makeup class that will accommodate the most number of my students or you can come to another class time.  If you are beginning with me, please bring supplies to the first class.  I have recommendations below, or just bring what you have already. 

My classes are ongoing which means there are students in all levels in my classes.  When you join a class, I walk you though all the basics from supplies to techniques.  Then we walk through a few small paintings together to make sure you are comfortable with the techniques.  Later, you will be creating paintings based on what you are interested in painting.

I hope you will be able to attend a class with me.  If you are interested in joining a particular session, please let me know so I can reserve your spot.
Please feel free to share this information with a friend.

  • The first class is a “Watercolor 101.”  I will start from the beginning and explain the supplies, qualities and techniques to get you started in watercolor. You must bring your own watercolor supplies!
  • The next few classes will be painting step by step to get you comfortable with the medium, show you how to fix any mistakes and get the results you want.
  • My goal is to get you painting your own ideas and creations with me there to help and guide you.
    Two hours a week to paint, relax and be creative!please contact me if you are interested in joining a class!

    Below is a list of supplies you will need to get started: Please note that if you already have some of these supplies or something similar, just supplement from the list and bring what you have.
    Reeves set of 18 watercolor set(or comparable set), plus one tube of ‘sepia’ color watercolor– Michael’s carries this set locally, or you can find it online
    1, 1 inch flat watercolor brush, 1 #10, 12, or 14 round tip watercolor brush, 1 #6 round tip brush, 1 #4 round tip watercolor brush, and 1, 1/2 flat watercolor brush, you can find these at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby locally and they go on sale every few weeks.  I have had luck with Princeton brand brushes at Hobby Lobby.  They have aqua handles.  My favorite brands are: Loew- Cornell and American Painter if you can find them( I order mine at, but try mid-price brands.  Princeton brand seems to be good as well.   I do not recommend Master’s Touch brushes or Artist Loft brand.
    1 watercolor palette
    with at least 18 wells and a center area for mixing, you can find these at Hobby Lobby locally
    1 pad of 140lb cold press watercolor paper,
    Canson or Strathmore brand is fine, but Arches is the best if you can get it, 16×20 or 10×14 size, you can find this at Michael’s 
  • Supplies:
  • watercolor paint set
    watercolor paint set- this brand is a nice inexpensive starter set if you don’t already have paint. Any basic set will work.  I like this number of colors to start.  Please do not buy the cheapest set you can find!  You will regret it.
    watercolor palette

    Something will multiple wells and a large mixing area.  It does not have to have a lid, but it helps in transportation.  Do not get the little round ones.  There is a medium sized palette that folds over and it will work as well.   You can order this one at: or

  • watercolor brushes
    watercolor brushes

    I recommend starting with a 1″ flat, 1/2″ flat, a number 4 round, a number 6 round, and a number 10 round or some number that’s close so that you have 3 distinct sizes to work with.  If you already have brushes, bring them!




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