Planning an Art Exhibit for March!

Planning an art exhibit with another artist is a challenge but exciting.  I am blessed to be exhibiting with Brad King who is extremely talented and also is a Christian who incorporates a message of hope in his work like I do.  Our styles are different, but I am looking forward to see how our art compliments each other.

painting by Brad King and Sara Drescher for an art exhibit
“Should Have Been Me” acrylic and spray paint on canvas 24×24 ©Brad King and Sara Drescher

The title of our exhibit will be “Saints Squared: The Art of Brad King and Sara Drescher.”  It’s a play on words since we are both Christians, my work is based on creating modern icons of saints, and he is only painting on square canvases for this show!  The show will open March 3, 2107 at the Kamiposi Gallery at 510 S. Big Spring St. in Midland, TX.

At the opening we are going to have a silent auction for 3-4 paintings that will benefit Freedom 418 which is an group helping survivors of sex trafficking in Southeast Asia.  We both know a young woman from Midland who is there working with the group and we want to support her efforts.  I will post images of the silent auction paintings soon!  We will take bids by email, social media and on site.

Brad and I collaborated on a painting together (see above) that will be in the silent auction.  It is the story of the woman who was saved from stoning by Jesus.  There will be a proper write up that will come with the painting.

I hope that if you are in the area, you will make a point to come out to see this unique exhibit!  See you soon!

Something New! The Seeds and Light Project

The Seeds and Light Project is a series of art I have created to sell to raise funds for groups that help children escape from poverty, slavery, and despair.  Join me in helping Compassion International, Freedom 418, and the Midland County Child Welfare Board create more stories of hope and change.

Seeds and light project art for a cause by artist Sara Drescher Braswell

I plan to hold exhibits of this series of work in different kinds of places.  I would love to be able to share the wonderful things each group is doing and then offer my work as a thank you for donating to these causes.

When you buy one of these paintings, prints or note card sets, you can specify which organization gets the money I donate.  If you don’t feel strongly about one in particular, I am happy to spread the money equally.

When I exhibit in a church, I would like to donate a painting, in a silent auction at the reception, to directly benefit any outreach or missions that the church is doing.  

Of course, if anyone just wants to donate directly to the causes, I will have information available to make that easier or you can link to each website via my website.

Follow this project on the Seeds and Light website or on its Facebook Page or on Instagram.

Art Note Cards Are Back in Stock!

My art note cards are back in stock!  I have 8 different series to choose from.  Each set contains a variety of cards from that series not just the image on the front.

Art note cards by artist Sara Drescher Braswell

These note cards are blank so they are perfect for any occasion.  If you need thank you notes for work, friends, or family, these cards add a special touch.  They work well for birthday cards as well!  Plus, you can tailor the symbolic meaning on the back to the person you are sending it to.

Sometimes you unexpectedly need a small gift.  Having a few extra packs of cards on hand makes a great gift that is appreciated.

The available cards to order online are:

  1. Fruit of the Spirit-this series has each of the 9 Fruit of the Spirit depicted as a different woman with the meaning for all of the imagery on the back of the card
  2. Wine Series–  This is a fun Art Deco style series that has glimpses of Christ in every card.  Wine is a symbol of the blood of Christ and salvation.  In this series of 9 cards is included: Bathsheba, Rahab and Delilah ( the “bad girls” of the Bible), Jonah, the Garden of Eden, the Tree of Life, and more!
  3. Feet of Christ- this series includes the Ascension, Crucifixion, and Walking on Water
  4. Masterworks-beautiful images based on famous Master paintings with Christian symbolism added for depth of meaning
  5. Musings-This fun and colorful set has hidden Christian symbols among the thoughts running around, through, and out of our heads
  6. Saints in Space-this fun and whimsical ‘mini-set’ features traditional elements mixed with imagination and the great unknown.  Sure to make the recipient of your note smile!
  7. Nouveau Ladies– This beautiful set features romantic images inspired by Art Nouveau and fairy tales.  There are encouraging symbols of Hope, Faith and Trust in this set
  8. Seven Virtues-This uplifting set features the Seven Virtues as seven different woman in an Art Nouveau style.  Each virtue has many symbols that are explained on the back of the cards

I am happy to ship these note cards to you, or if you are in Midland, I will have these in stock at my art and gift shows this fall.  Check my website for dates, subscribe to my newsletter, or follow my Facebook page.

To order the note cards now:


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