My portfolio includes my newest body of work.

 I combine watercolor, pencil, colored pencil, acrylic, and latex paint to create my works on paper and canvas.  Icons, the hope and potential of ‘outer space,’ anointing of the Holy Spirit, and the land are elements that are resonating in my newest works.


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Mary by artist Sara Drescher
All Recent Work
(Some recent works are not included in a series and will be found here; all works also in series are here as well)

Everyday saints series by Sara Drescher BraswellEveryday Saints Series

East meets west paintings by artist Sara Drescher

East Meets West Series



Men of Faith series by artist Sara Drescher Braswell

Men of Faith Series

Women of Faith Series by artist Sara Drescher Braswell

Women of Faith Series

Seeds and Light project art by Sara Drescher

Seeds and Light Project

Renewal series by Sara Drescher Braswell

Renewal Series

Away Series by artist Sara Drescher Braswell

Away Series



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